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take serious playfully

Your talented people deserve engaging experiences

where they lose themselves in acts of exploration,

creativity, collaboration and competition.

Group Sizes

Event options are available for groups of less than 12 to more than 1000 participants.


Onsite Pricing

Our events are usually held onsite at our clients’ Bay Area offices. This lets us deliver high quality and

convenient events — without breaking your budget. Offsite venue options are also available.

An alternate venue can be arranged by the client at no charge, or by caPlay for an additional fee.

Events outside the Bay Area (yes, our people have passports) are also available.


Strategic Events

Though fun is the focus with our caPlay events  we do include a 30 minute facilitated discussion to

maximize impact. With our caGuides events, the goal is more narrowly concerned with facilitating a

specific explorative process and discussion. Though a caPlay-type experience may be part of those

engagements, pricing will reflect the consultative nature and complexity of a guided conversation. For

more information on our facilitation services, please check out caLabs.org.

Companies ranging from Bay Area startups to leading global organizations trust our people to craft transformative experiences for their teams.