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Matt and Jarod, our Founders, have designed a wide range of experiences for a diverse set of clients including organizations such as: Nike, Pepsi, Statefarm, the Gates Foundation, Oracle, Autodesk, and GE.




Our people are obsessed with helping teams work together better.

Plus, helping others have fun is . . . well . . . fun!

Collaborative Advantage


caPlay is a branch of Collaborative Advantage, a learning + doing community seeking to empower individuals and improve the collaborative capacity of organizations — so they can better thrive in an increasingly complex and volatile world.

Matthew Schutte

Matthew Schutte


Matt is a Mavericks surfer, a Berkeley Law Grad, and a lecturer on Open Innovation and on Balancing Privacy and Transparency in a Digitally Connected World.  He believes firmly that losing yourself in the moment is an important component of life and designs experiences that enable others to achieve that.
Jarod Holtz

Jarod Holtz


Jarod is a Mavericks surfer, a former Intelligence Analyst, and a relentless tinkerer. Since he was a kid he has been training to become a “master in the art of living” who tries to make little distinction between his work and his play, his education and his recreation, and his love and his religion. The goal is an integrated, authentic, and balanced way of thinking, acting, and living in the world.


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Life is better when you ________ together.