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This is just a FREE fun get-together for people that like to surf and take photos. The goal? Everyone walks away with amazing content after a ridiculously fun day of surfing and shooting.

We are going to get together to road trip to Pleasure Point and spend a day surfing and shooting stills.

This is a STILLS ONLY Event. You can shoot video if you like, but in the afternoon, we will be working to edit and create shareable pieces of content based on still images taken by the group.

“Why not video?” you might ask. Because stills lie better. Shoot enough of them and we’ll be able to piece together a day of beauty and grace and conquest — unlike video’s annoying tendency of pointing out our every awkward movement and blown opportunity.

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Our SURF JAM COORDINATION SHEET is where we are coordinating rides, boards, wetsuits, cameras and food.


Schedule (Saturday, April 16th):
7:00 AM — rideshares pick people up and hit the road

9:00 AM — Meet at Pleasure Point Market on the East Side of Santa Cruz.

9:15 AM — SURFING AND SHOOTING.  We’re taking turns.  Find unusual angles.  Make it interesting.  Focus on still photos.

1:15 PM — Snacking throughout the morning, but this will be the mid-day GRUB before we pack up and head back to the city.  The Breakfast Burritos at Pleasure Point Market are pretty solid.

4:00 PM — Head to Matt Schutte’s House in Ocean Beach: at 1712 48th Ave. (near Moraga), San Francisco, CA 94122

6:00 PM — Start Downloading Content, Editing, and Cooking Dinner.  We’ll have surf vids on the big screen and snacks to tide you over.  It’s a pot luck, so bring something, you cheapskate.

8:00 PM — DINNER + SHOW AND TELL.  We want to see you’re best pics.  And we want them online. It’s time to blow up your instagram!

10:00 PM — THAT’S A WRAP!



With any luck, we’ll create some great content, as well as up our game a bit on both the surf and photo fronts.

Feel free to invite friends to join in.