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Recent team design for an iPhone Case with starwars-ish earbud wrap (the buds look like feet that end up dangling from the R2D2 clone)

We recently ran our 3D Design Challenge workshop for about 50 employees of a leading management consulting firm.

For the event, we partnered up with Type A Machines, one of our favorite 3D printer manufacturers to demonstrate and discuss 3D printing, both in terms of the current state of the art as well as the impacts that it is having on business processes and organizational structures.

As with all of our 3DDC’s, we dove into a quick tutorial of TinkerCAD, the browser based 3D Design software that is easy enough for elementary students — and even business consultants — to use.

After people had an idea of the basics, we let them unleash their creativity by throwing down a design challenge.  We had teams craft solutions ranging from smart phone cases that wrap and store earbud’s to audacious “crew” bling.  When it came to the popularity vote, the bling won out and we found ourselves 3D Printing necklaces and rings that were more reminiscent of Public Enemy than the wingtip filled offices that many of these folks spend their days in while providing guidance to corporate execs.